Why Credit Scores Don’t Matter? – The 5 Answers to this Question

There are a lot of financial advice articles online that place high importance to good credit scores. But these articles where made based on a set of financial rules that works during a booming economy. Now, after a great global recession, several bailouts, the current economy remain fragile and the financial sector needs more business transactions to maintain profit.

So the rules have to change, right? I think so to and this is why credit scores are not that as huge factor when it comes to loans and financing like it did before the 2008 recession. But there are also other factors that explain why credit scores may not matter. And currently there are 5 explanations why this is so.

1. Credit scores are updated daily

Most people think that once they get their credit score it will be the same for the whole year. This is not true. To maintain the accuracy of credit scores, it needs to be reevaluated daily based on the financial decisions of the person every day. This means that your credit score today may not be the same tomorrow.

How to ask for a credit llimit increase

How to ask for a credit llimit increase

2. Subjective interpretation of credit scores

Despite the online ads showing good scores, ok scores and bad scores, there is no objective standard on which to rank any credit score. It actually varies from one lending company to another. This means that you can apply for a loan from another lender despite having a credit score that was deemed bad by a previous lending company.

3. Lenders know better

Credit bureaus make a lot of mistakes when it comes to generating credit scores. And the lending companies are now noticing this pattern since it can cost them potential customers. This is why most of them are focusing their background checks on criminal records and other behavioral patterns that will affect your ability to pay back your loan.

4. Focusing on credit scores is financially detrimental

Credit scores’ utility is primarily to those who plan on borrowing money. This means that the person who focuses on improving his or her credit scores also focuses on his or her ability to successfully apply for a loan. This is quite detrimental to ones finances since the focus should be increasing assets and cash flows instead of liabilities such as debt.

10 More Things You Should Know About Long-Term Care

10 More Things You Should Know About Long-Term Care

5. You may never need one

Before you decide to check your credit score, ask yourself first if you are financially healthy. If the answer is yes then you may not need a credit score at all. You may even do better with your money and make better financial decisions without knowing your credit score. So why waste time on something you do not need?

Anyone Could Have Eating Disorders: Know the 5 Signs

It is definitely hard to break it to someone a sudden change in his or her appearance or behavior. And it’s definitely much harder to try to decode these changes when it happens to you. If you notice drastic changes in your body, your health, or your eating habits these past few days, then you might be suffering from an eating disorder. Know the signs and you just might be able to seek immediate help for that friend, or for yourself.

  1. A fine layer of body hair starts growing

This is fine layer of hair is called lanugo. It naturally grows all over the bodies of seriously underweight woman to keep their bodies warm since they lack enough nutrients to for their bodies to produce heat. There may also be an obvious change in the skin, hair and nails – the skin becomes dry and cracked, the hair finer, and the fingernails too brittle. These changes are due to the lack of certain vitamins and minerals that people with eating disorder deprive themselves with.

Hair starts growing

Hair starts growing

  1. Their teeth are yellow

It’s easy to tell with anorexia, as people with this condition are extremely underweight. With bulimics, however, it may be harder to tell. But if you suspect a friend of yours has been making herself vomit, check their teeth if they are yellow or cracked. The rising of stomach acid during vomiting can erode the esophagus and the teeth. Also look for bite marks at the back of their fingers; bulimics generally bite down two fingers when they try to gag themselves.

  1. They may show signs of low self-esteem

People with eating disorders have very low self-esteem and may even be delusional regarding their appearances. You may notice a friend who exercises too much, or someone who never eats out. Be aware of private eaters as they can be anorexic, or those who irrationally avoids public bathrooms as they can be bulimic. They can also manifest poor eye contact, bad hygiene, or slumped shoulders.

Signs of Low Self-Esteem

Signs of Low Self-Esteem

  1. They’re not getting their periods

Not getting their period would be possible when a woman gets to the point where she restricts taking in calories too much that her body does not function normally anymore. If she’s not having her period for quite some time now, that is definitely a sign of anorexia. When you know someone with this condition, get help immediately.

  1. Changes in their appearance are drastic

If you know someone that well, you should be able to tell the major appearance shift that has happened to her. Look through her old photos for comparison and then, speak up. Ask her what’s going on; she just might only be waiting for that person to notice that she’s got problems. When she opens up, there are a lot of great resources available to help her.

Dealing with an eating disorder is something that should be addressed as soon as possible. Don’t wait for it to get worse before you deal with the problem.

5 Inexpensive First Date Ideas

Men usually find it difficult to plan a date. They tend to get overwhelmed by the idea of impressing their dates. Dates should not be overwhelming. There are a lot of things you can do to make a date impressive. You do not need to spend much when taking someone to a date. There are a lot of great dating ideas that you can do without ever draining your pockets or breaking your bank. Here are 5 of them.

1. The classic dinner date

One of the most popular dating ideas is having a dinner date. Most girls are always excited to experience this kind of fate. If you are on a budget, then it is a great idea to look for an affordable place. Don’t be ashamed if the girl offers that you split the bill. Don’t take her to your home if this is your first date. Girls do not want to be taken to your home on their first date.

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date

Smartphone Etiquette for the Classic Dinner Date

2. Have a picnic on a park

Dates are not only done at night. If you are really on a tight budget, you can go for a picnic date. Set your date on a park or beach. If you know how to cook, then prepare some of her favorite foods. Make sure to ask beforehand so you will know what her favorite foods are. If you are not a good cook, ask someone to cook for you. This is still cheaper than buying restaurant food.

3. Impress your date with your skills

Plan a date where you can showcase your skills to her. Let’s say you are good at cooking, invite your date or ask your date to suggest a place where you can cook food. Provide a recipe book to her. Ask her to choose from the recipe and then cook the food. This will surely impress any lady.

Impress your date with your skills

Impress your date with your skills

4. Visit museums or historic places

Most people are interested in history. Invite your date out to go to a museum or visit historical places. If you are someone who also knows a little about history, share your knowledge and try to give a brief explanation as you visit these sites. Don’t act as if you know too much though as this could intimidate your date.

5. Invite her to jog with you

Another great idea is to invite her to jog with you. Ask her out for an early morning run as the sun is rising. You do not have to spend some money, but both of you can still have quality time together. After jogging, you can take her to a shop that offers breakfast and coffee.

There are actually many ways to make a date enjoyable. You do not have to empty your pockets for one date. After all, what really matters is how you connect with her and how you make the moment romantic.

5 Best Apps for News Junkies

When you’re schedule is always jam-packed, you barely have time to read the news. You can’t even pick up a newspaper anymore. Fortunately, you have your smartphone with you all the time. You just have to stuff it with news apps so you’ll be updated all the time. These apps provide the hottest news, sports updates, and even the latest rumors. There are a lot of news apps around. We’ve come up with a short list of 5 of the best apps available. Here are they:

  1. CNN App

This app is one thing every iPhone user should have. CNN is known for reliable reporting and you can enjoy it when you have the CNN app. The app is also filled with wonderful features. You just have to tap an article and you’ll see its full text including photos and videos. You can also share news via Facebook and Twitter.

Best paid iPhone apps

Best paid iPhone apps

  1. NYTimes

Don’t have time to read through a newspaper? Get the NYTimes app. It has rich content that you can find in the Top News section. You can also check out the video section without paying for extra charges. The app loads very quickly and is also responsive. It has extras that you can unlock for an additional charge.

  1. Flipboard

The app will never disappoint you. It takes info from different sites, news feeds, and even social networks. It then presents information magazine-style. Companies that have partnered with Flipboard can customize formatting for their stories. The app also allows you to add different sources like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

  1. Pulse

Pulse is simple to use. You can get around the app just by flicking stories left to right. You can easily find news that you want by taking a look at the different rows. Rows include various categories such as sports, politics, entertainment, and technology. You can also mix social sources like Facebook and Twitter.

  1. ESPN ScoreCenter

When it comes to sport, you know who to go to – ESPN. The app gives you everything you need to know about your favorite league up to your favorite teams. You can see the latest scores and news. Even trade rumors are included in the app. It’s simple to use. By tapping a game, you’ll see the full recap and video highlights. It’s definitely a great app for iPhone users who are sports junkies. You can also get alerts through the app’s push notifications.

Bring sports home to your Sony® TV with ESPN’s ScoreCenter TV app

Bring sports home to your Sony® TV with ESPN’s ScoreCenter TV app

No matter how busy you may be, you should always have time to read the news. No one wants to be left behind. With these 5 news apps, there’s no reason for you not to know what’s going on. It will keep you in the loop despite your busy schedule.